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Why should you choose CFP over national companies?

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Conect Systems

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Drinking Water Filtration Systems

Keep your drinking water safe by adding a filtration system. We offer Reverse Osmosis Systems and Qwik Connect Systems that will filter your drinking water. No more buying bottled water! Save money by drinking your own "bottled water" at your house. 

In South Texas We have Very hard, A Water Softener can be beneficial to you, your family and your home. Hard water can cause a serious of costly problems such as

  • Scale buildup on faucets
  • Clogged plumbing 
  • Reduced efficiency in appliances
  • Greater usage of shampoos and soaps

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Water Treatment

RO under kitchen sink

We Specialize in Water Treatment. Most people forget about Water Treatment when they are building their dream home or just updating their existing home. Adding Water Treatment not only protects your family but your home as well. There are whole house systems such as Water Softeners and UV light Systems. Then there are drinking water filtration systems like the Reverse Osmosis and Kwik Connect Systems.

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  • We are cheaper than National Water Companies

  • Once we install your equipment, any plumber can service or make repairs. With national companies, they are propriety so you can not get parts for repairs from anywhere else but them!

  • ​We are licensed plumbers with years of experience and certified by the state of Texas. To install water equipment you just need to take a one day class and pass a test to become "certified".

  • ​Non Commissioned Sales Staff

  • Go Local, Help Support Local Businesses. Family owned and operated.

Custom Filtration & Plumbing