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How Does the Qwik Connect?

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Removes up to 95% of All Impurities in your Water

Is a three stage system that is equipped with a sediment pre-filter, carbon block filter and an ultra-filtration membrane. The sediment filter reduces sand, silt, sediment and rust particles that may be in your water. The second stage is a heavy duty lead and chemical reducing carbon filter block. It also reduced harmful Volatile Organic Chemicals (VOC’s). It’s estimated that VOC’s are present in one fifth of the nation’s water supplies. These water contaminants can enter through ground water from a variety of sources including localized use of herbicides, pesticides, gasoline or oil spills. The final third stage is the Ultra Filtration Hollow Fiber Membrane. Uses standard home water pressure to push water through its semi permeable 0.02 micron UF membrane, allowing only fresh clean water to pass through. 

  • ​​Low Cost Alternative to RO Systems
  •  No waste Water
  • No Storage Tank
  • Easy filter change out​

Provides clean pure drinking water.

How can getting a Qwik Connect help to save the environment?

​According to  the Container Recycling Institute, 86% of all Plastic Water Bottles in the US end up in our landfills which is very problematic.

  • Water bottles buried in landfills can take up to 1,000 years to biodegrade.
  • The bottles leak toxic additives into the groundwater.
  • Incinerating used bottles produces toxic byproducts such as chlorine gas and ash that contains heavy metals.​

Qwik Connect​

It is an ultra filtration drinking water system, removes any particles over .002 microns

  • Save money
  • Save the time and hassle of buying costly bottled water
  • Save the environment.